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eliminate waste

Eliminate waste from your stand-up team meetings

One of the key concepts behind Lean is to eliminate wastage. You can apply this wastage elimination to all the processes within your project, including the daily stand-up meetings. One key area where wastage can occur during the daily stand-up meeting is when it comes to discussing issues or blockers.  Granted, some issues benefit from

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Social Contracts for your Agile Teams

Team member cohesion is an important factor in building a high-performing team, however, achieving this cohesion is often easier said than done. Social Contracts are a tool I’ve used to build cohesion quickly and effectively within teams. If you have never heard of Social Contracts, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people have not

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common language

The Untapped Power of a Shared Common Language

Today I’m going to share with you a simple tool that can drastically increase the clarity of communication with your customers, stakeholders and within the project team. Furthermore, you can implement this tool immediately within your project today.  A common problem on many projects A problem that I’ve seen occur on numerous projects is a basic lack

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